SIA Trained Professional Guards

Security Guards

Jannet Security services provides manned guarding security services for businesses across the UK.

24 hour Security Manned Guarding

We strive to deliver unparalleled manned guarding security services that give you peace of mind, 365 days a year.

We work closely with every single one of our clients, so that we can deliver protective services and security solutions that work for them.

Whether you need 24 hour protection, short notice or ongoing manned guarding, Jannet security will deliver a manned guarding solution that will meet your exacting requirements whatever the size or the demands of your business.

Our manned guarding services bring so much more than just a security officer on your property. Our team of security officers are kitted out with industry technology to record their progress as they patrol the premises. They are all trained to Security Industry Authority (SIA) standards, and look the part in full Jannet Security uniform.

The Benefits of Manned Guarding

  • Prevents damage and destruction of property
  • Prohibits any unauthorised access to your property
  • Creates a safer environment for staff and customers
  • Eliminates theft and vandalism
  • Peace of mind 24/7

Our mission is to provide first-class security solutions and to ensure that our clients are properly protected.

Jannet Security Services is a leading provider of security and safety solutions to public, private and voluntary sector organisations in the UK. We produce custom services suited to our clients’ needs ranging from specialised safety officers and technology solutions to consulting and investigations.